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Orphan Sunday 2019

Orphan Sunday will be Sunday, November 10. This is a Sunday recognized all over the world to raise awareness for orphan care, foster care, and adoption. During that Sunday morning we will host several booths in our Guest Services area that highlight each of… Continue Reading “Orphan Sunday 2019”

Orphan Sunday

We will be recognizing Orphan Sunday on Sunday morning, November 11th. This is a day that evangelicals all over the world will bring attention to the need for adoption, foster care, and orphan care. On that Sunday morning you will see a video during… Continue Reading “Orphan Sunday”

Orphan Sunday 2017

This year we will be hosting Orphan Sunday on Sunday, November 12th. This is a nationally recognized day to bring awareness to orphan care, foster care, and adoption. During that morning we invite you to come through Guest Services to find out more information… Continue Reading “Orphan Sunday 2017”