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For The City – October 17

Our For The City emphasis for October is Block Parties. The weather is beautiful, and what better way to engage your neighbors than by hosting a neighborhood block party!? We would encourage you to ask your Bible Study Class for help. They can bring… Continue Reading “For The City – October 17”

For The City – September

Coffee shops, the gym, a board game with friends, golf, gardening, fishing, hunting, art, etc. All of these places, hobbies, and more can be considered a┬áthird place. If your first place is your home and your second place is your work or school, a… Continue Reading “For The City – September”

For The City – April

Our For The City emphasis for the month of April is “Cookies for our Neighbors!” We are encouraging everyone to… make a batch of homemade cookies place them on a plate or serving dish that must be returned take them to your neighbor with… Continue Reading “For The City – April”