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Mission Clip – Columbus

Quick Link: CLICK HERE to sign up for the Mission Clip to Columbus, Ohio. On Tuesday, August 11, 7pm-8:30pm, we will be taking a virtual mission trip to Columbus, Ohio, to meet up with an incredible church planter, Jason Williams. Jason is the pastor… Continue Reading “Mission Clip – Columbus”

South Asia Mission Clip

Quick Link: Click HERE to sign up for our Mission Clips On Tuesday, August 4, at 7pm we will be hosting a virtual mission trip with our partners in South Asia. During our time with them, you will get to hear how the Lord… Continue Reading “South Asia Mission Clip”

Central Asia Mission Clip

Quick link to sign up: CLICK HERE We are excited about heading on another virtual mission trip. This time our “travel” will take us to Central Asia! Our Mission Clip will be Tuesday, July 28, 8pm-9pm. You will need to sign up for this… Continue Reading “Central Asia Mission Clip”

Japan Mission Clip

Quick link: Sign up for the Japan Mission Clip by clicking HERE We are heading to Japan virtually for a couple of hours on Tuesday, June 23, 7pm-9pm. We will be hearing from Butch Booth who is serving as a missionary there. Butch &… Continue Reading “Japan Mission Clip”

Columbus Mission Clip

Quick link to sign up: Click HERE This Thursday, June 18th at 7pm we will be doing a short “virtual” mission trip to Columbus, Ohio with Living Hope Church. This church was planted by Aaron & Elizabeth Taylor and Joe & Erin Kibbey. Aaron… Continue Reading “Columbus Mission Clip”