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In Acts 1:8 Jesus commands us to go as far as the uttermost parts of the world to tell people about Him. As a church, we want to enable you to go to some of the darkest places, because that is where the Light is needed most desperately. Some of these trips are not easy, but that is why these people groups remain unreached. Please, prayerfully consider each of the partnerships listed below. If you have any questions, please contact our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward, at or the MPA Leader associated with the partnership.



Dallas has one of the largest refugee populations in the US with people coming from all over the world, including Syria, Bhutan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, etc. It is our privilege to work with a Bhutanese couple, Hanok & Esther Rasaily. Hanok is the pastor of First Bhutanese Baptist Church. We normally take about three trips per year to Dallas, and these are normally weekend trips.

We are currently the Lead Partner Church in Columbus for NAMB‘s Send Initiative. When we accepted this position, we committed to three things: plant a church in Columbus, give a significant amount financially, and help connect other churches to church planting efforts city-wide. We are currently working with Jason Williams, the pastor of Church In The Wild.

Within the Wind River Indian Reservation there is a tribe called the Northern Arapaho. The are considered the last critically unreached people group in the continental US. We have been taking teams there for the last six years in order to build lasting relationships, and we now call many our friends. Our goal here is to simply gain respect and build relationships with the hope of being able to share the good news of Jesus.

kansascity_logoKANSAS CITY KANSAS
Ray & Abbi Peoples and kids moved from Fort Smith to Kansas City to plant New City Church in Merriam. We currently have a team of students planning to go there over Spring Break 2020, and we look forward to seeing what God will do here in the future. If your student is interested in this trip contact our Student Pastor, Josh Hargett.

lawrence_logoLAWRENCE KANSAS
One of the most incredible things is happening in America right now: college students are readily coming to Christ! Our fastest church plants in America right now are on college campuses. We could not be more excited as our own, Aaron & Kristen Rodgers and kids, have moved to Lawrence, Kansas, home of the Jayhawks, to plant Story Hill Church. We have a team of college students heading there Spring Break 2020.

We are extremely excited about our newest partnership in New Orleans. We have a trip planned there on Spring Break with our high school students. This is a city that is rich in history but definitely needs more church plants and a move of God. We hope to form a great partnership here that lasts for many years to come. If you are interested in the work in New Orleans, contact our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward.


This will be a brand new partnership with the New York Metro Baptist Association to help them reach the vast number of college students and internationals in their area. We will be sending a team of college students Spring Break 2020. For more information about this trip contact our College Pastor, Aaron Chastain.


This has been a partnership for our church for more than 18 years! Every year we go to work at Orphanage Emmanuel where there are more than 500 kids. We take a big team every February, but we also have folks that go different times of the year on their own. Many of our church members sponsor children at the orphanage. Also, every year our children make shoeboxes filled with Christmas gifts to send there. It is shipped to Tennessee by our friends at ABF where it is packed and then shipped to Honduras.

Because of security reasons we cannot publish much about this partnership. For more information, please, email our MPA Leader, Mary McCutchen. We can say that we are extremely excited about working with this unreached people group. Mary has been leading teams here for a number of years and will continue to do so through our church. Mary’s team has been supporting two pastors there for a couple of years now who took over the work from IMB missionaries.

Because of security reasons we cannot publish much about this partnership. For more information, please, email our MPA Leader, Val Oliver. We can say that we have been sending two teams here every year for almost seven years now, and it is incredible to see how God is working. We currently have four units that live there, and they are working with a very small, but dedicated group of believers to share the good news in this very dark place.

Because of security reasons we cannot publish much about this partnership. For more information, please, email our mission pastor, Scott Ward. In this particular country we will be working with both indigenous Christian leaders and IMB missionaries. The universities are wide open for learning English and having spiritual conversations in the big city, plus we will be taking a team of doctors and dentists to work among the minority tribes in the rural areas.

Our mission pastor and his family served in Tanzania as missionaries for about three years working with the Pare Tribe in the Pare Mountains, a range of mountains coming out of Mount Kilimanjaro. Working together with a local pastor, Fanuel & Monika Kiroka, they were blessed to get to see many churches planted. We continue to go back every year or two in order to continue church planting efforts, encourage the young churches, and disciple new pastors.

For more than 15 years we had been partnered in Ecuador working to reach the Shuar Tribe. The IMB has now determined that there is enough gospel presence among this tribe to be able to move on. They have now moved their missionaries, our partners, Adam & Jess Huser and kids, from Ecuador to Peru to work with uncontacted tribes in the rainforests. We will continue to work with the Huser’s and plan to continue sending teams.

This is a brand new partnership for us. We will be teaming up with a couple of churches on the island of Florianopolis to help mobilize them to reach the people that live around them, including an American football team and a large university. This island is BEAUTIFUL with 48 different beaches! If you are interested in the work in Brazil, contact our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward.

Because of security reasons we cannot publish much about this partnership. For more information, please, email our mission pastor, Scott Ward. We currently have 1 unit that we are partnered with here. We are looking at taking a trip here in late 2020, possibly November. Let us know soon as you can if you are interested! We will be planning this trip soon!

eastasia_logoA CITY IN EAST ASIA
Because of security reasons we cannot publish much about this partnership. For more information, please, email our mission pastor, Scott Ward. We currently have 3 units in this area and are planning to begin taking multiple trips there over the course of the next few years.



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