For The City

In Acts 1:8 Jesus commands us to go to Jerusalem. Our Jerusalem is the Arkansas River Valley in and around Fort Smith, Arkansas. We have countless opportunities to reach the River Valley because we believe that everyone is a missionary where they live, work, and play. In addition to inspiring and equipping our members to reach those near to them but far from God, we also provide corporate opportunities to participate in local missions through our For The City effort.

Welcoming Ministry & iReach – In this River Valley of over 200,000 people there are many who are of different cultures and ethnicities. The goal of our Welcoming Ministry will be to reach out to these pockets of unreached people groups right here in our Jerusalem. We will be working hard to reach out to our international college students through our ministry, iReach, as well. At the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith there are over 100 international students from many different countries. Many of these students will go back to their home country where there is little to no opportunity for them to hear the gospel. We do all that we can to build meaningful relationships with these students in the short time that we have with them so that we might be able to share with them the good news of Jesus. We offer Conversation Club throughout the semester, and we host day trips to area tourist locations among many other things. If you are interested in being apart of this mission, please, contact Beau Barrera.

Hispanic Outreach – Because of the large population of Hispanics in our area, we feel that God has called us to start a mission to reach these wonderful people. We are beginning talks with a local Hispanic pastor about the possibility of launching a new Hispanic church in our building. For more information about this mission contact our mission pastor, Scott Ward.

Say Something  – Say Something is our personal evangelism training. We will be moving this course online beginning in 2019.

For The City – Every month we will have a different emphasis to help guide our people to reach out to those near to them but far from God where they live, work, and play. We have many different things planned including neighborhood block parties, the Fort Smith Marathon, passing out doughnuts to local businesses, etc. Here’s the schedule…

  • October 18 – We Love Our Neighbors
  • November 18 – Thanksgiving Blessing
  • December 18 – Doughnut December
  • January 19 – Sanctity of Life Month
  • February 19 – We Love Our Healthcare Providers
  • March 19 – For The City Month
  • April 19 – Cookies To Your Neighbors/Easter Invites
  • May 19 – We Love Our Police Officers
  • June 19 – Engage Your Third Place
  • July 19 – We Love Our Postal & Sanitation Workers
  • August 19 – We Love Our Educators
  • September 19 – We Love Our Firefighters
  • October 19 – We Love Our Neighbors
  • November 19 – Thanksgiving Blessing
  • December 19 – Doughnut December


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