Update October 31, 2020 – Well, we had planned to go to Tanzania on our first trip since the pandemic started, but we decided to cancel not because of COVID but because of price. The airline ticket prices are high. We thought they would go lower, but they have continued to creep up. Also, the in-country costs were more than usual, too. Our goal is to plan 2021 as if it were going to be a normal year. For instance, we have two trips planned to Honduras in February. Honduras is currently not issuing visas, so we have blocked off airline tickets but have not purchased them yet.

Update August 23, 2020 – We still have no mission trips currently scheduled, but we are beginning to look at the possibility of a Fall 2020 trip to Tanzania, possibly in October. It is currently the only country that we partner with that has open borders for Americans. There is also a slight possibility that a trip to Japan could open up this Fall. Stay tuned!

Update June 26, 2020 – We have currently canceled all of our planned trips for 2020, including our annual trip to Wyoming the end of July. We are still open to adding a couple of trips this Fall, but it will depend upon the status of the pandemic. As always, we will keep you updated on this website.

UPDATE April 19, 2020 – We have made the decision to cancel our trip to Vietnam which was scheduled for May 18-28. The next trip we will be looking closely at is our trip to Tanzania June 9-19. We have not canceled this trip yet, but it is not looking promising.

UPDATE March 25, 2020 – IMB has asked us to not do any international volunteer trips before June 30, but they will reevaluate this as the situation changes. At this time, this does not change anything that we are already doing. We have a number of trips that fall in that time frame, however we are waiting on cancelling these since the situation is continually changing.

We are continually monitoring all state department statements and warnings to determine upcoming mission trips as well as communicating with our partners on the ground.

We have currently canceled all of our Spring Break mission trips, including…

  • South Asia
  • Kansas City
  • Columbus

We have also canceled our April trip to Central Asia.

Our next trip that we will be making a decision on is Vietnam. We are supposed to go there the middle of May. As of March 15, Vietnam has closed their borders and have not given an end date. We will continue to look at this and try to make a decision on this trip by the first of April.

We have other trips coming up in June and July. We will be able to wait a while longer to make a decision on these…

  • Tanzania
  • South Asia
  • Brazil
  • Wyoming

***Note on Wyoming – Although everything looks to be shutting down right now, this could change rapidly back to normal. If you are planning on going on the Wyoming trip, you need to go ahead and make your reservations for your stay in Yellowstone or West Yellowstone. Many of their campsites and hotels are already booked full at this point. I just looked and was surprised to see how full they were. If you need help on this, please holler!

Mission Pastor – Scott Ward

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