4C Training

Beginning in 2020 we are implementing 4 training classes for missions. These four classes are required to be taken by each person going on our mission trips. All of these classes will be available online.

Child Protection, Contingency, and Cross-Cultural Training will only need to be taken once every 3 years. Core Training will be taken each trip.

Here are the four classes:

Child Protection – This is done 100% online in conjunction with a background check. Email our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward, to get started on this process.

Contingency – This is a class designed to train a person on what to do in extreme circumstances and to remain safe while on the mission field. This class will be offered live at various times throughout the year.

Cross-Cultural – This class will be training to help people better bridge the gap between cultures and be an effective witness among different people groups.

Core – This class is designed to help our mission trip participants to be prepared spiritually as they enter and exit a new culture.

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