3C Training

Currently at our church, we have implemented 3 training classes for missions. These three classes are required to be taken by each person going on an international mission trip (Child Protection and Cross-Cultural are only required for National Trips).

Here are the three classes:

Child Protection – This is a short class that is designed by the International Mission Board to bring awareness to child abuse on the field. This class is offered two or three times per year at our church or can be taken online. Once taken, a personal interview has to be done to fill out a form. This class is currently a required class for all mission teams.

Contingency – This is a 1 1/2 hour class designed to train a person on what to do in extreme circumstances and to remain safe. Not much can be explained online for security reasons. We have implemented this class as a required class for all international mission trip teams. We have hosted many classes now with good success. Be looking for upcoming classes soon.

Cross-Cultural – This class will be an online class and will be available soon. The class was taught as a pilot this last year for one of our teams and is currently in production. Be looking for updates as 2017 rolls around. This class will be training to help people better bridge the gaps between cultures and be an effective witness among different people groups.

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