Our Firefighters

Our For The City emphasis for the month of September is “We Love Our Firefighters.”

During this month, we will be assigning each our our Bible Study Departments a particular fire station. We will ask each department to collect snacks, cakes, pies, etc. and deliver it to your assigned fire department. This was requested by our Fire Chief, Phil Christenson. He thought this would be a great way of showing our support to our firefighters.

Be sure and plan your delivery with the fire department and take some pictures. Email me those pictures, if you can (scott@grandfamily.net).

Here are the Fire Station Assignments…

Station 1 – The Monday Class
Station 2 – College/Adult 4
Station 3 – Women of Heart/Young Professionals
Station 4 – Young Adult 1/Adult 8
Station 5 – Young Adult 2/Adult 10
Station 6 – Young Adult 3
Station 7 – Young Adult 5
Station 8 – Adult 2/Adult 3
Station 9 – Adult 4/Singles
Station 10 – Adult 5
Station 11 – Adult 6/Adult 7

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