Abby’s Challenge

An eleven-year-old, young lady, named Abby*, whose family serves with the IMB in East Asia, had spent months saving up some spending money to go to the beach on vacation. She had saved a little more than $32.

During time with her family, she heard the disappointing news that they were not going to be able to go to the beach because of the virus. They also spent time praying for the IMB because Dr. Chitwood, IMB’s president, had just announced that due to complications with moving families around because of the virus the company was facing a $4 million shortfall.

Abby brought her hard-earned $32 to her parents and asked them to give it to the IMB. The Challenge was born!

All across the world, supporters of the IMB have taken up the challenge to give $32 in order to help with these huge extra expenses.

Will you accept Abby’s Challenge? To participate in Challenge 32, go to or you can give through our church by going to Please add “Abby’s Challenge” as a gift in honor via “more options” when giving online, or in the memo line for checks.

To see the whole story, you can click HERE.

*Name changed for security reasons

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