Easter Popcorn Invites

To support a local business, The Popped Popcorn Company, we have purchased 400 of their small bags. We are going to make these available for you to pick up along with Easter Invite Cards. We are limiting the bags of popcorn to 2 per family, but you are welcome and encouraged to take as many invite cards as you would like.

We would love to see you get out and put invite cards on your neighbors’ porches. You might even make some plates of cookies in addition to the popcorn.

We will have two pickup times for the popcorn and the invite cards: Friday, April 10th, 10AM-12PM & 4PM-6PM. You will be able to pickup these items in the drive-through in front of the Children’s Ministry Building.

If we run out of popcorn, we will still be there with invite cards that you can grab.

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