Vietnam Mission Trip 2020

***Note: This trip is not canceled yet, but we are monitoring the situation closely.

We will be sending a team to Vietnam this spring. The trips dates will be May 18-28. The approximate cost will be $2500, but this is highly dependent upon the airline ticket cost.

We actually have 2 teams going…

Medical/Dental – This team will partner with a group of Vietnamese doctors and dentists to head up into the Central Highlands to work with indigenous tribes. This team will be done by the 26th, so it is possible to fly home early. If you would like to stay, you will be joining our other team for the last couple of days in Ho Chi Minh City.

College – This team will stay in Ho Chi Minh City and work with our partners – the Hughes family. They will be working to engage college students throughout the city by using the English language.

If you are ready to sign up for this trip, you can click HERE.

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