Disaster Relief

***Hurricane Dorian – I know many of you want to help! The Bahamas are currently getting hammered by this storm, and this hurricane will soon impact the Eastern US. Our disaster relief unit is on stand-by right now to be deployed to the coast as soon as we are needed. Many are asking about relief work in The Bahamas. This is done through Baptist Global Response – our SBC’s international arm.

GIVING: Over the next couple of weeks, you will be inundated with marketing to give toward hurricane relief. The two BEST ways for you to give will be through either Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief or Baptist Global Response.

It has been a CRAZY summer with a 500-year flood, unbelievable flash flooding, and now a huge hurricane bearing down on the US.

Most people don’t know this, but Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is among the three largest providers of disaster relief assistance in the United States!

It was incredible getting to host Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief in our church for three weeks in June. We got to see first-hand how this ministry impacts a community for the gospel.

As a result of getting involved with AR Baptist Disaster Relief, we are now the proud owners of a disaster relief trailer which will be equipped as a flood recovery and chainsaw unit. We are looking for individuals that are willing to get trained and certified, so that when disaster strikes we will be ready to deploy with a qualified team.

If you are interested in the ministry, contact our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward.




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