Multiply Update

As many of you know, our church launched an initiative called the Multiply Network. The purpose of this initiative is to see more healthy Southern Baptist Churches thrive in and around the River Valley area by planting new churches, replanting legacy churches, and revitalizing struggling congregations.

Currently, we have acquired the property and building of two legacy churches in our area. Within one of these churches (the old Immanuel Baptist Church building) we have planted Cornerstone Church with Pastor Hunter Thompson. We also have Trinity Baptist Church where we have the original congregation still meeting, a Laotian congregation meeting in the educational space, and a future plan to plant a new Hispanic congregation there.

If you would be interested in planting a church, replanting a church, revitalizing a church, or going to one of these existing churches as a missionary, we have an incredible opportunity for you to do so. Our heartbeat is to be a SENT people, not a people who warm the same chair every week.

If you have any interest in being actively involved in our Multiply Network, email our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward, for more details.



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