For The City: June

As many of you know, the historic flood that we are experiencing in the River Valley is giving us plenty of opportunities to be a witness of God’s love to our community.

The fact of the matter is that you can either choose to ignore this incredible opportunity and do nothing, or you can do something about it. Most people are good-hearted and really want to do something but just don’t know what to do.

Our emphasis during June to reach out to our community is Third Places. If your First Place is your home and your Second Place is your school or work place, then your Third Place is the other places you hang out, such as coffee shops, gyms, beauty salons, etc.

We are asking you this month to reach out to your Third Place or to a place that is affected by the flood. For instance, I just went and bought 6 pizzas and took them to Channel 5 to show them our appreciation for their news coverage during the crazy weather.

There are tons of first responders and other flood workers and victims that you can reach out to. Don’t miss this opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community.

Also, remember that what sets us apart from other nonprofit organizations is our message. Don’t forget that the greatest need you can meet is someone’s spiritual need. Muster up the courage to share the gospel or pray for someone when you reach out.


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