Disaster Relief Training

***UPDATE – This event has now been moved to the main Worship Center.

While we wait for the river to fall, we are preparing for a long haul of helping people get back to “normal” post-flood. That’s where Arkansas Southern Baptist Disaster Relief will really be felt throughout the River Valley. After all the hype and hoopla dies down, someone still has to send people out to help victims with clean out, clean up, and recovery.

Southern Baptists are the best in the business in this area, and we will need YOUR help. We’re going to have a special training time this Sunday from 3-5 in our gym. Representatives from the state level will be on hand to help us train for everything that goes into providing relief. Besides the obvious cleanup work, we will need a whole range of help, including people to provide food, refreshment, a tender touch, an encouraging word, and prayer support.

So if you are even remotely interested in helping in any way, come to the training. You’ll get a full view of everything that we will be doing to marshal the combined efforts of hundreds of community volunteers (not just our church) to make a short-term and an eternal impact on the residents of the River Valley.

We would love to see you at the training, from 3-5 pm, this Sunday, in the gym. Even though we’re more than a week away from being able to go out and help, this is a week we can use to plan and prepare to be most effective once the opportunity comes.

Thank you for all you have already done and are doing to be the hands and feet of Jesus.




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