Pray for Wilson

Please, be in prayer for Wilson and his team of believers as they try to reach the Iropi tribe for Christ (see below).

As a part of the prayer effort, Adam & Jess Huser, our missionaries in Peru, are asking people to sign up to pray regularly for one month. Would you be willing to pray? If so, you can sign up by clicking HERE.

From Adam & Jess Huser, our missionaries in Peru…

“Our team’s vision is to work with already established indigenous believers to engage the least-reached, most isolated indigenous groups of the Amazon basin. One of these key indigenous missionary partners is Wilson. For the past 4 years we have helped Wilson, along with a small team of two other indigenous families, work to establish a community in an area that has seen a lot of activity in the past two years from an isolated group known as the Iropi. Last November the Iropi attacked Wilson’s community and they were forced to flee; one of the men was shot in the chest and survived only by the grace of the Lord. The Iropi destroyed clothes, pots, screens, tools, animals. Needless to say, this set Wilson’s team behind and was very discouraging. By April our team was able to help get their community back up and running again, but the Iropi have had an almost continual, threatening presence around the community since April. Earlier last week while Wilson and his team were downriver fishing, the Iropi attacked the community again, once again destroying clothing, tools, cooking utensils, and food. Thanks to the help of some supporters, our team was able to work with the local M aviation group to fly in supplies so that Wilson’s team can remain. A mighty spiritual battle is being waged in this outpost of darkness. Wilson and his team face intense, daily pressures as the Iropi continue nearby. Each day the question remains: will the Iropi come out in peace to Wilson, or will they come with violence? Would you please join us in committing to pray on a daily basis for Wilson and his team? Our vision is to cover them in prayer every hour of the day for the next month.”

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