Bless A Church Planter

***We are meeting Wednesday morning, June 20th at 9am to do some painting, landscaping, and general cleaning. The address is 949 Bell Rd., Greenwood, AR 72936.

Planting a new church is always a stressful experience, and we are excited to have the opportunity to bless one of our own and take some of that stress away.

Jason & Rachelle Helmbacher moved from Greenwood to St. Louis to replant an old, dying church. Meanwhile, their house in Greenwood never sold, then they had the terrible experience of having bad renters who didn’t pay and who really damaged the house. Planting churches has never been a lucrative business venture, so the house has just sat as it is with very little interest from buyers. This has obviously been a huge thing hanging over the Helmbacher’s heads!

We decided that as a church we could help and bless them a little bit.

I have listed below the things that we will be doing, so if you can do any of these things we would appreciate the help. If you can do any of these things prior to the work day, you are welcome to – just email Scott Ward.

Our church, along with a couple of other partnering churches, are providing the finances to purchase all of the materials.

scrape the mud off the sidewalk and add stones to prevent the low place from filling with mud again
add 4 small 2-gallon shrubs to the front bed
add a new layer of mulch over everything
clean air conditioner unit (will be done prior to June 2)
add a sewer pipe cap (it is missing)
replace the crawl space opening (it is broken)
power wash the bricks (will be done prior to June 2)
scrape the flaking paint off the siding and repaint (this will have to be done for a FHA loan)
power wash the deck and seal it (will be done prior to June 2)
clean inside of storage building
Whole House Inside
paint walls and ceilings
clean windows
replace doors that need replacing
replace air vents that are rusted
replace light and plugin coverings with standard neutral color ones
Living Room
fix the ceiling fan
Fix the linoleum that has bubbled up
general cleaning
replace the glass on two broken windows on the garage door
patch sheet rock holes
paint cabinets
replace backsplash with subway tile
take out washing machine
Middle Bathroom
plumb the bathtub for a shower (will be done prior to June 2)
replace the bathroom sink faucet (will be done prior to June 2)
replace the toilet
remove the linoleum
replace the flooring with tile
tile the bathtub up high enough for a shower
carpet the bedroom floors similar to the carpet in the living room (will be done prior to June 2)

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