For The City – March

Our For The City emphasis for March 2018 is all about Easter! Everyone knows that if anyone is ever going to come to church, it will be on Easter Sunday. We want to use this once-a-year opportunity to invite our friends, co-workers, and neighbors to one of our two services on April 1.

Throughout the month, in the Ministry Central area of Guest Services, we will be providing you with different tools to help you invite. We will have plenty of invite cards, yard signs, bags of cookies, etc.

We would like to encourage you to use this very easy opportunity to reach out to your neighbors…

  1. make some cookies
  2. put them on a plate that would need to be returned
  3. take them to one of your neighbors
  4. give them an Easter invite card
  5. ask your neighbor if there is anything that you can pray for them
  6. during your prayer times, pray for that request and an opportunity to meet a need
  7. when they return the plate, follow up on their prayer request

This isn’t rocket science! It is so simple, yet could have eternal consequences.

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