Vietnam Mission Trip

We are excited to announce that we will again be going back to Vietnam May 29-June 7 or 12.

We will be taking two teams. One of the teams will be a medical/dental team (May 29-June 7) who will partner up with a small group of local doctors and dentists to go into the Central Highland villages to do work with locals who do not receive good medical or dental care. This team will be led by Vu Tran. Vu used to be the youth pastor at the Vietnamese Gospel Baptist Church in Fort Smith but now works as a travel agent in the Dallas area. You do not need to be a doctor or dentist to participate on this team. There are plenty of other jobs available. You also have the option of staying over with the College Team until they leave on the 12th.

The other team will be led by our College Pastor, Aaron Chastain (May 29-June 12). This team will be made up of college students and adults and will be tasked with working with one of our fantastic IMB families. This team will work in and around Ho Chi Minh City, mainly reaching out to Vietnamese college students that are trying to learn English.

You will get to go for a day of recreation in Da Lat, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

For more information on this trip you can contact Aaron Chastain or our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward.

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