Sanctity of Human Life

Our For The City emphasis for January 2018 will be Sanctity of Human Life where we will be collecting diapers of all sizes to be given to local pregnancy crisis centers. You can bring your diapers to the Mission Area in Guest Services throughout the month of January.

We unapologetically believe that abortion is 100% wrong and should be illegal. We, therefore, have committed to work with a number of pregnancy crisis centers in the area, including River Valley Pregnancy Medical Center. This and other organizations in our community strive tirelessly to end the practice of abortion while at the same time support those who have made the choice to abort and live with the guilt and shame.

January 21 is Sanctity of Life Sunday, which is a day recognized nationally by many evangelical churches. We will be having a special emphasis on this day to recognize the work that many in our community are doing to work toward a nation with laws that recognize and respect life that begins at conception.

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