For The City – November 2017

ftc_11_17Our For The City emphasis for the month of November is “We Love Our Service Providers.” This is a new one for us, but is something very simple that everyone can do! We all have some kind of service provider in our home in any given month, whether it is a guy to spray for bugs, a plumber, a painter, a carpenter, the A/C guy, etc. We are asking you to intentionally do something kind for whoever it is that comes over. You can make a plate of cookies and have it for them to take home, or you could just do a gift card. Ask them how you might be able to pray for them.

Not too long ago, I had a couple of plumbers over to install a new dishwasher. I just stood there watching (because I can’t do any of that), but I also engaged them in conversation as they worked. It wasn’t too long into it that we had naturally moved into a spiritual conversation, and I was able to talk to them about struggles they were having.

The whole key is to be intentional. If you don’t think about it beforehand, you will probably not do it. Take some time and pray before they even come over that God would guide your conversation and that He would prepare their hearts in advance.

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