Sanctity of Life Response

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We, as a church, of course hold to the sanctity of life believing that life begins at conception. Therefore, we believe that abortion is a sin and is not an appropriate response to any pregnancy, including unplanned pregnancies. We have always preached these beliefs with conviction, but rarely have we done anything tangible about it. As a response to these convictions, we are going to begin partnering with 1st Choice – River Valley Pregnancy Medical Center, which happens to be located right down the street from our church.

RVPMC is a very well-run organization that relies on private funding to operate. They do pregnancy tests, counseling, and training. They also are the only clinic of its kind in the region that offers ultrasound. This is huge since the statistics show that when someone sees their baby on an ultrasound they are much less likely to choose abortion. Find out more about this great ministry by watching this video.

We still do not know exactly how we will partner, but we do know that we are going to help with their next program called HUGS (Help Us Grow Spiritually). This is a program that teaches soon-to-be-moms how to grow spiritually and apply Biblical principles in raising their children. They are given a different baby item each week they attend to fill up a diaper bag. Our church is going to provide those diaper bags and the items to fill them up. They currently have 8-10 young ladies ready to take the class. These are 8-10 young ladies who have chosen to give birth, rather than have an abortion!

To sign up to provide items for this incredible program, click HERE.

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