Annie Armstrong Update

annieupdate_17We are currently sitting at $26,441 towards our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. We are very close to reaching our goal of $30,000! Thank you for everyone that gave and for everyone who will give in the next week or two to finish out this offering.

Here is some more information about this offering…

This is where we live. Where we raise our families. Where we work, and where we play. And it’s mostly a post-Christian world. 269 million of our neighbors in North America do not know Jesus Christ. Daily, we sit next to those without hope. But we can reach them through one of the most effective evangelism methods: planting churches. Together we can equip missionaries and reach the unreached in North America.

Together we can equip missionaries through the power of prayer and through our financial gifts. Missionaries need training, resources and education. They need a community network. They and their families need support for the basics of living life while they build a congregation.

Your financial gifts provide a solid foundation for these missionaries, their families and the churches they are building. We can’t all go, but we can all give together.

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