My One for My Easter

myeaster_03_17Of all the Sundays in a year, Easter is the one that more people are apt to come to than any other. So, the question is will you take advantage of this opportunity? We are asking everyone to begin now to identify one person or family in your life that is near to you but far from God. Make it your goal this year to get them to our Easter service.

Between now and Easter Sunday, April 16th, we, as a church, will be providing you with tools to help as you invite your One, but it relies upon you taking the initiative. Don’t let another great opportunity pass you by to make a difference in someone’s life.

Here are some easy Do Something ideas…

  • pray
  • take a plate of cookies over
  • ask them if there is anything you can pray for
  • host a small Easter/Spring cookout and invite them over
  • engage your Sunday School Department to pray for them
  • invite them at least a couple of weeks out
  • be prepared to take them to lunch afterwards
  • follow up with them to ask them about the service

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