South Asia Partnership

southasia_17South Asia remains one of the least reached places in the world with only 2% being evangelical. In 2008 we partnered with an IMB missionary to work with an unreached people who have a population of over 13 million people with less than 1% being believers in Jesus Christ. They are 99% Hindu, making them very interested in hearing about the God we come to share with them. In 2013, our missionary was moved to a different part of the country, but we have continued our partnership with the two nationals who were trained by the IMB missionary.

Each year we take two trips with the purpose of sharing the Gospel and encouraging Christians. In March, the trip is all about going to a different location each day and going door to door to share the gospel. The culture is extremely welcoming, so the villagers very much want you to come to their home, as they believe it is a great honor. Within minutes a relationship can be built and the door wide open to share the Gospel. In addition, on this trip we are able to spend time with children playing games, sharing Bible stories, and telling them about Jesus. Those wishing to be on the teaching team will have the opportunity to teach new Christians. Finally, we are blessed by sharing in a Sunday worship service with believers. Our team will sing, preach, share testimonies, and lead Sunday school for children. The March trip always takes place during the week of spring break. 

The second trip is in the summer (late June and early July). On this trip we visit different towns each day to set up medical camps. The people come to see our doctor/nurse and then we have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them before they leave the clinic. We also have a team who can go out in the community to visit with people and share the Gospel, as well as prayer walk. The summer team will train new believers and participate in a Sunday worship service.

If you are interested in either of these two trips or have any questions about this partnership, please, contact our MPA Leader, Mary McCutchen, or our mission pastor, Scott Ward.

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