Guest Services – Honduras

honduras_guestservices_16bBe sure and go by the Missions Area in Guest Services through the month of September to find out more about our partnership in Honduras with Orphanage Emmanuel. This is a great thing to take your kids to see! In the booth you will see a Christmas tree and donation box. Every year we send kids at the orphanage a bunch of Christmas gifts. ArcBest Corporation generously ships those gifts for us to Tennessee where they load the shipping container, but it then costs us about $10 per child to get the shipping container to Honduras. The donation box will be used to collect money to help with sending these gifts. We normally need $300-$400. You can make checks out to GABC with a note for Honduras Christmas or you can give through PayPal HERE.

If you have any questions about our partnership in Honduras, you can contact our Advocacy Leader, Emma Pratt, or our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward.

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