West Africa: Job Request

westafrica_16Do you have a servant’s heart that would allow you to use your business skills, live in West Africa, and take on new challenges each day? Your task is two fold. As a logistics service consultant(LSC), you facilitate the business affairs for the IMB in Mali, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire. This includes facilitating IMB personnel living in or passing through the country. As an LSC, you use your business knowledge and gifting to establish systems and processes to empower units in meeting their logistical needs while at the same time being able to focus on their primary ministry. At the same time, you build a witness for Christ as you are going. For example, as you coordinate shipping of IMB team member’s personal effects, you have the privilege of demonstrating the traits of an honest child of God. Many business people find it easier to bribe to get things accomplished. Your patience, to work the system properly and not participate in this type of corruption that permeates the society, will speak volumes about God’s ways and open doors for you to share God’s Way.Overseeing processes in 3 countries will require that you make periodic trips into Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea to know and understand the personnel you serve and your resources in each country. A servant’s heart is needed as you facilitate teams by arranging for purchase and proper maintenance of residences, vehicles, and equipment. You will also facilitate the arrangement of travel. You may need to supervise construction projects and oversee any necessary support staff or volunteers. General bookkeeping skills will be helpful in maintaining your daily petty cash. You will send monthly financial reports to a financial facilitator via e mail, and they will maintain accounting functions. In all areas of your assignment you will work closely with and in covenant with the lead logistics service consultant. It is imperative that you have a good sense of business and have some experience in managing the business affairs of an organization. You must be self motivated. Many people will be depending on you to do your job so they are equipped to do theirs. Since you will be working with other individuals, it is important that you have good interpersonal skills. You need to ENJOY challenges of conversation and seeking compromise. You should enjoy negotiating. Your skills of communication need to be keen with experience in letter writing, emailing, phone conversation and face to face verbal communication. You should not be intimidated by confrontation but see it as a building block for your interpersonal relationships. Knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office products is essential to effectively doing your job. You will use MS Word and Excel for many of your tasks. “As we are going” is the key to the ministry of an LSC. The second aspect of your job and the benefit of facilitating work in 3 capital cities is the people group that you will target and the potential to touch many of the largest unreached people groups of West Africa. Your people group is the West African truck driver. The drivers are constantly coming and going throughout the cities of Bamako, Conakry, and Abidjan. Truckers currently carry AIDS and Islam across the region. Why can they not carry the Gospel? These capital cities are strategic in the truck driver ministry as we use Oral Bible Stories to reach out. As we have already “been going” in Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso, many truckers have accepted Christ and African teams trained to continue the work. You will be instrumental in developing the Mali team that connects Bamako to the other West African countries as well as Conakry and Abidjan. Recently, we had colleagues go to the truck area in Mali and begin to share a story. The driver said that he had already heard that story. The story teller found it hard to believe and asked them where. It was in Burkina Faso from one of our other trained teams. You will be a part of God’s bigger picture from Mali.

You will choose ministry opportunities according to your gifts, talents, skills, and willingness in dialogue with the Lead Logistics Service Consultant and Cluster Leader. Opportunities may include assisting your spouse with his/her responsibilities, being a part of the truck driver ministry by training nationals in oral methods of sharing the Gospel, or targeting women and children who are on the periphery of the trucker’s lives. You may be gifted in areas outside the realm of the office and seek to share Christ in ways that lead to a church planting movement through a different type ministry. You will begin with French language study with your spouse during your first term. During your second term, you will learn to speak the Bambara language to a level of “advanced low” as that is the local language that will assist you the most in whatever ministry direction you choose. Our primary reason for service no matter what venue we use to accomplish the work is to be a living witness for Christ and share the love of Christ with the goal of seeing those around us come to know Christ in a personal life changing way that leads to church.

Contact our mission pastor, Scott Ward, for more information.

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