We Love Our Firefighters!

ftf_06_16Our For The Fort emphasis for June is “We Love Our Firefighters.” Our church-wide project will be to collect money in order to purchase a nice leather, personalized Firefighter’s Bible for each of Fort Smith’s uniformed Firefighters. Each Bible is $20, and there are about 150 Fort Smith firefighters. This means we need to raise about $3000. We are encouraging our families to purchase one or two Bibles and pray for our firefighters throughout the month of June. If you would like to give, you can make a check out to GABC and put on the note line FTF-Firefighter’s Bible. Click the link here to securely donate online… DONATE ON PAYPAL

We are also assigning each of our Sunday School Departments to a Fire Station in Fort Smith. We are encouraging each of our departments to bless their adopted Fire Station with snacks, pies, meals, etc. This is all in an attempt to simply show our support for our firefighters.

Here are the Fire Station assignments for the month of June.  There are 11 Fire Stations, so we doubled some of your departments up.  It would be good to coordinate with each other.  The bare minimum that we would like you to do is to provide snacks for the station at least once during the month of June.  You are welcome to do more and be creative.  Be sure and take pictures and send them to our missions pastor, Scott Ward!

AD4 – Fire Station #1 – 200 N 5th St.

AD5 & YS1 – Fire Station #2 – 1127 N. Greenwood

AD6 – Fire Station #3 – 2020 North 6th St.

AD7 – Fire Station #4 – 2128 Towson

AD8 & SAM – Fire Station #5 – 4123 Spradling

AD9-10 & YS2 – Fire Station #6 – 3124 Massard

AD11 & YA3 – Fire Station #7 – 5411 Euper Lane

AD13 – Fire Station #8 – 2318 S. Phoenix

AD14 – Fire Station #9 – 1500 Cavanaugh

YA1 & YA5 – Fire Station #10 – 4401 Borrough

YA2 & YA4 – Fire Station #11 – 8900 Massard, Chaffee Crossing

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