Gift Cards for the Tidenbergs

tidenberg_16Tim & Annie Tidenberg are currently staying in our mission house. They accepted the IMB’s Voluntary Retirement Incentive and are currently staying in our house while they decide what God’s next step is for them. We would ask that you pray for them during this transition. They have practically been in East Africa their entire lives so moving to the US has been extremely difficult. We would like to bless them during their time in our mission house, and one of the things we would like to do is to shower them with gift cards. They are traveling a lot right now with a new grand baby and with Tim speaking at many different churches, so I am sure restaurant cards will be welcome along with Walmart cards. We will have a basket in the missions area of Guest Services where you can drop your gift cards off or bring them anytime to the church office. Thank you for your support of our missionaries!!!

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