Derek & Jennifer Campbell

seattleJenAs many of you know, Derek and Jennifer both interned at Grand last summer and through the fall (Derek for our College Ministry and Jennifer for our Mission Ministry). They also happened to fall in love and ended up getting married in a ceremony officiated by our mission pastor. Before both of them ever met, God had begun to stir in their hearts separately a love for the culture and people of Seattle. Right after they were married, they were able to go on a vision trip to Seattle to check out our church plant there and meet with the planter, Andy Brown. They completely fell in love with the city and the work that the Landing Church is doing.

On February 21st, we get to commission and say goodbye to Derek and Jennifer as they leave Fort Smith to go serve with the Landing Church in Seattle to work specifically with college students and begin a new outdoor activities ministry. We are incredibly excited that God has chosen them to do this, and that they have been obedient to His call! This is exactly what we want to see happen with all of our partnerships – where we have people go on short-term trips, see the need, and obey God’s call for them to go as well.

We will be hosting a reception after the worship service on Sunday, February 21 in Guest Services. Be sure and come by and give them a hug! Also, they will be hosting a “garage” sell in our Activities Building on the 19th and 20th to try and raise the money that they need to transition from here to there. You are welcome to donate items or come and shop or both! If you would like to donate any items, you can bring them to the church office.

Be sure and follow their BLOG to keep up with them and to stay in the know on how you can pray for them.


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