Fort Smith Marathon

fsmarathon_16Our For The Fort featured project for February will be the Fort Smith Marathon. The is our city’s second year to do the marathon. We will again be needing many volunteers to do traffic control at different intersections, plus this year we will be hosting a water station. We are hoping to get 75 of our folks to sign up! You can sign up THIS SUNDAY in Guest Services!

The marathon will be on Sunday, February 14th. We will be needing volunteers in two different shifts: 8am-12pm & 12pm-3pm.  Since our early shift workers will miss church on that morning, we are providing them with a worship service at the starting line that will begin at 7:45am. Once the worship service is over, they will go to their assigned places to be ready by 8:30am. The race starts at 9am. Once church gets out, our 2nd shift volunteers will grab a quick bite to eat, go to their assigned places, and relieve the first shift volunteers.

Our volunteers had a great time last year! You get to cheer on the runners as they go by and talk to many people. Be sure and bring a lawn chair, some water, and maybe some warm clothes!

Contact our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward, for more information.

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