Access Church

accesschurch_16During the month of January we are focusing on our partnership in Columbus, Ohio, in our Missions Area of Guest Services. We would love for you to come by and get some information about this incredible work. Our Mission Partnership Advocacy (MPA) Group for Columbus will be there to answer any questions you might have.

Access Church was started in October 2015 by Mark & Christi Cox. Mark moved his family there over a year ago to begin building relationships, start a core group, and love on the city. They have successfully launched their church in a local elementary school. We are excited to be able to support Mark, his family, and Access Church financially and with mission teams. This year we will be sending a team of college students there for spring break. We will then send an adult team in October to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

Come by Guest Services to find out how you can get more involved!!!

For more information about our Columbus Partnership contact our MPA Leader, Gary Hassell.

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