C3 Training

c3training_16If you are going on or even thinking about going on a mission trip in 2016, you are required to take certain classes. If you are going to go on any of our trips, national or international, you are required to take our Child Protection Training. If you are going on an international trip, you are also required to take Contingency Training. Both of these classes will be offered January 17th. Child Protection Training will be offered 3pm-4pm in Room 120, and Contingency Training will be offered 4pm-5:30pm in Room 120.  You do not need to sign up or preregister for these classes; just show up. Also, if you have taken one of these classes before, you do not need to retake it.

New for 2016 – We are going to be offering our new class, Cross-Cultural Training, this year to complete our C3 Training. This class will be offered online and will not be required for 2016, but will be required in 2017 and beyond. During 2016 we will be working to refine the class. Be sure and look on this blog for the link for the class. It will be available soon.

Contact our Mission Pastor, Scott Ward, for any questions.

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