Columbus, Ohio

columbus_03_14We have some exciting things happening in Columbus! Brad, Don, and I just got back from there where we spent a couple of days meeting with church planters and hearing their needs. God is already doing some incredible work, and we are just excited to get in on it.

Our students are taking a mission trip there over spring break in a couple of weeks. They will be working at the Stowe Center, which is an all-in-one soup kitchen, food pantry, clothes closet, CWJC, dental clinic, eye clinic, etc. They will have a fantastic trip, and I would encourage you all to pray for them while they are gone.

Our main plan in Columbus for 2014 is to build a foundation of support for church planting efforts there. We know the need is there, so there is no question about that. We just need some help. Our goal, then, this year is to raise support within our church as well as try to gather as many other churches as we can to partner with us in this endeavor. One big prayer request is that we know that we will be planting a church there ourselves. We just need to find the right guy to be the planter.

If you are interested in this work and want to get involved, you can email, and we’ll talk.

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