Missionary Request – Uganda

We have been asked to let you know about this special request for a missionary needed in Uganda. If you have any questions, you can send me an email (scott@grandfamily.net). Here’s the request…

Greetings from Uganda,
   There is now a volunteer request at the IMB for an experienced medical professional (RN, NP, PA, or MD) to come and work in the medical clinic of Uganda Baptist Seminary while we (Jack and Evelyn Frost) are on STAS/furlough this summer.  The dates the volunteer is needed are May 12 to Aug 30, 2014.  Either a single or a couple can come.  If a couple comes, the non-medical spouse could teach English, theology, computer, work in the library, or do maintenance, etc. depending on skills and qualifications.  I would appreciate your letting people know of this opportunity to serve.  Anyone interested can contact the IMB volunteer department or me for further information.  The volunteer job request number is  109369 and the field tracking number is VDRJ385.
We depart Uganda on May 23, and I hope to overlap with the volunteer for at least a week to give orientation to the clinic and medical services/resources in town.
    We have from 90 to 140 students from all over East Africa on campus for 3 to 4 weeks each month, and we REALLY need someone to help provide medical care for them while they are studying.  Thanks for your help in spreading the word and for praying that God will provide someone to serve.
Evelyn Frost

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