Chinese Language & Culture Class

Beau Barrera, the leader of our Welcoming Ministry, has discovered a class on campus. This looks like a great opportunity and is FREE. Check it out…

Hey guys,

We have an exciting opportunity for us at the UAFS campus. Every Thursday from 2-3 pm, in Holt Room 108, a FREE class is offered to learn more about the Chinese language and the Chinese culture!! I am super excited to tell you guys as much as I am to get involved and learn. What a great way to expand our world view and learn about a country that is growing rapidly in regards to the name of Jesus. I pray most of you can make it at least one time and just experience the class. I hope to attend and build relationships with Steve Li, who will be teaching, and Ann-Gee Lee, who coordinated the event. That way maybe they would be willing to share with us at our church how to relate to Chinese students and the Chinese culture. Once again, this is an awesome opportunity I stumbled upon and encourage anyone and everyone to attend if possible. We will discuss this class in our next meeting held in March.

Thanks guys and have a great day,

For more information about the class, you can go here.

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