Central Asia

centralasai_02_14UPDATE – (April 18) – We have started a new fundraising site for this trip.  We know many of you could never go on a trip like this, but your part in doing missions might be to give.  Please know that no gift is insignificant.  You can check out our fundraising site by clicking HERE.  We are also trying to gather items that the families have requested us to bring.  If you would like to purchase some items for the trip and bring them to the office in the next couple of weeks, you can go HERE to sign up.

UPDATE – This trip has been filled! (3-11)

We are going on a trip to a country in Central Asia May 6-15. The purpose of this trip is to encourage our workers there. We currently have myself and two young, ladies going. We have room for one more! The approximate cost for this trip is $2300 depending on the airline ticket prices. Please be in prayer about this trip.

This trip is definitely not for the faint of heart as it requires some difficult travel to get to. The flights are very long and the roads are tough. At the end is a beautiful valley in which there are very few believers at all. This valley needs more light! Will you consider going on this incredible journey? Contact Scott Ward for more information.

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